Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUM | SUE)
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Subsurface Utility Engineering

GPR maps buried infrastructure and results can be incorporated in CAD & GIS drawings to help plan for large infrastructure projects

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Subsurface Utility Mapping (SUM) and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Map Multiple utilities at different depths and made of different materials

Since GPR can locate all utilities, including metallic and non-metallic pipes, a complete picture of all buried utilities at a project site can be completed early in the project planning. This example shows a cast iron pipe and a PVC pipe at different depths in the middle of a busy intersection. This aided in future utility planning
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Cast iron pipe and a PVC pipe at different depths

Locate utilities to plan new installations

Using GPS and interpretations, GPR can be integrated into Quality Level B SUE investigations. In this example, closely spaced utilities existed, and city planners wanted to ensure that the route of the new water lines did not interfere with existing infrastructure. The use of GPR helped them to plan the installation with minimal disruptions.

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Quality Level B SUE investigations

Create Stunning Maps and Reports

GPR data is saved and available for post-survey analysis and reporting, providing accurate records for future reference and comprehensive deliverables for your customers

Georeferenced maps and data

Easily plot images of your data path, screen shots and interpretations in Google Earth. All information is exported seamlessly for viewing in Google Earth and other GIS platforms.
underground cable and wire
Georeferenced Maps & Data

Create Utility maps in Google Earth

Plotting interpretations on GIS or aerial images and connecting them to show the utility path is a powerful way to portray your locate results.
cable and pipe detector
Utilities on Google Earth

Quickly Produce Summary reports

Take your locates to the next level by providing reports of your findings. Reports can be generated instantly with the EKKO_Project software, included with your GPR system.
sewer line locator
Generate Reports

Visualize utilities from Line Scan data

Collect GPR survey lines over large, odd-shaped or difficult-to-survey areas, and then seamlessly turn them into depth slices in EKKO_Project. This example shows two different methods for mapping drainage tiles using varying patterns of line collection. In this case, Line Scan data positioning was done with GPS.
gas line locator
Mapping drainage tiles in Complex Areas

Visualize linear targets over large areas

Map utilities over large areas by collecting GPR lines and then processing them using SliceView in EKKO_Project. Linear utilities can be seen when line data is converted into depth slices, providing another way to visualize underground utilities without the need to set up a grid.
underground pipe locator rental
Series of GPR Line Scans & Depth Slices

3D Visualization

Depth slices can be viewed or made into 3D views to clearly show buried utilities.
underground utility mapping
3D Visualization

Point Cloud Visualization

Survey large areas with GPR integrated with GPS and then seamlessly turn them into a 3D Point Cloud file in EKKO_Project. This example shows hyperbolic responses from a linear utility crossed several times while collecting GPR data on a road.
underground utility locating equipment
Point Cloud Visualization

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