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Line Scan Mode

Features Description Demo LMX100™ LMX150™ FINDAR LMX200™
Real time Locate & Mark™ Acquire data along a line and view it as a cross-section image

Line Data playback Save and view any collected line data

Back-up indicator After acquiring some data on the screen, pull the system backwards to pinpoint target location

Position & Depth Indicator Crosshair on back-up indicator shows current position and depth

Pop up info box Touch and hold the screen to generate a movable depth and position info box

Pause Button In No Save Mode, temporarily stop data collection and resume again without clearing the data from the screen

Drawing arrows In No Save Mode, draw arrows on the screen to highlight features

GPS Status indicator Indicates the signal quality of the selected GPS (internal or external)

SplitView During data collection, display LineView and MapView simultaneously to quickly see the positional relationship between targets (external GPS only)

Real time viewing options in Line Scan

Features Description Demo LMX100™ LMX150™ FINDAR LMX200™
Zoom – Position Vary the length of data displayed on the screen

Zoom – Depth Vary the depth of data displayed on the screen

Color View data with different color palettes

Filter Filter out flat-lying responses in the data using 5 preset filter levels

Gain Adjust amplification of GPR data to make weaker or deeper targets visible

Soil Cal Calibrate velocity for accurate depth measurements; hyperbola-fitting method or select from available pre-set Soil Cal values

Interpretations Mark subsurface features as a colored dot by touching anywhere on the screen

Flags Mark noteworthy above-ground features with sequentially numbered flags

Grid Scan Mode

Features Description Demo LMX100™ LMX150™ FINDAR LMX200™
On site grid scan Collect grid data and generate depth slices in the field

Guided grid setup Select grid size and resolution

Guided data collection on the Display unit Guides user through data collection with intuitive visual and audio prompts.

Recollect grid lines Recollect any grid line if you make a mistake

Collect partial grid lines Stop any grid line early to avoid an obstacle

Skip grid lines Skip a grid line with a touch of a button if the line does not need to be collected

Obstacle Avoidance The system guides you through collecting a grid around an obstacle

Depth slices from incomplete grids Generate depth slices with an incomplete grid

Grid line playback View previously collected grid lines


Features Description Demo LMX100™ LMX150™ FINDAR LMX200™
View depth slices Scroll through depths and adjust viewing options

Correlate depth slices to grid lines View the grid line corresponding to a feature in a depth slice

Depth slice Indicator Display any grid line and scroll down through the depth slices with the depth slice range indicated on the grid line.

LineView Mode View grid line in LineView to add interpretations and adjust viewing options

Additional Features

Features Description Demo LMX100™ LMX150™ FINDAR LMX200™
MapView Graphically view the path travelled by the system, any flags or interpretations added as well as the ability to cycle through processed depth slices (External GPS only)

MapView (Internal GPS) Graphically show collected grid locations and processed depth slices
External GPS port Option to connect an external GPS for increased positional accuracy

Screenshots Saves the current screen image to a JPG file

DynaQ Dynamic Quality Enhancement – Automatically adjusts data quality based on system speed

DynaT Dynamic Target Enhancement – allows the user to selectively view small, medium or large subsurface targets for easier viewing and detection

File Management Data is logically organized for review and transfer


Projects containing Lines, Grids & Screenshots

Projects containing Lines, Grids & Screenshots

Data Export

Features Description Demo LMX100™ LMX150™ FINDAR LMX200™
USB data transfer One click data export to a USB drive

Field Interpretations file (.CSV) Positional information for interpretations and flags automatically exported as a .CSV file

Geotagged Screenshots (.JPG) Exports screenshots as JPG files

KMZ Files Screenshots, survey paths and field interpretations are automatically exported to .KMZ files for viewing in Google Earth™

Screenshots Only
Project files (.GPZ) All data (lines, grids & screenshots) in a project are saved as a .GPZ file

Wi-Fi Mini Reports From the field, email reports containing screenshots and information about the collected data

System usage report A PDF report containing usage statistics and system diagnostics

GPR Analysis and Reporting Software

Features Description Demo LMX100™ LMX150™ FINDAR LMX200™
GPR Data Export to optional EKKO_Project™ Core Open project files to organize data files, view data and generate reports

EKKO_Project™ GPR Software Bundles Software bundles for added data processing, analysis and visualization

GPR System Specifications

Features Description Demo LMX100™ LMX150™ FINDAR LMX200™
Center Frequency (MHz) Center frequency of GPR system

250 500 250
Weight Lightweight GPR system

22 kg (48 lb) 19 kg (41lb) 22 kg (48 lb)
System Size Compact GPR Cart

100 x 70 x 115 cm
(39.4 x 27.6 x 45.3 in)
115 × 55 × 90 cm
(45 × 21 × 35 in)
100 x 70 x 115 cm
(39.4 x 27.6 x 45.3 in)
Max Depth Maximum depth of data collected and displayed on the display unit

8 m (26 ft) 3 m (10 ft) 8 m (26 ft)

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