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2-Day Utility Locating (Nulca-accredited) – October 2-3, 2018

Sensors & Software is the first company certified to provide the Nulca-accredited course on GPR for Locating Utilities. This special two-day training course meets the Nulca training standards to ensure that the user demonstrates knowledge, skill and understanding in applying GPR safely and professionally to locate utilities. This course covers:

  • GPR theory
  • Factors affecting target detection
  • How GPR complements traditional EM locating
  • Application of Line Scan and Grid Scans
  • Hands-on equipment setup and data collection
  • Data interpretation
  • Case studies

Compared to the one-day course, it will cover additional advanced theory, more hands-on time with the equipment and in-depth software analysis using EKKO_Project.

All courses will be held at Sensors & Software’s head office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada unless otherwise noted. Information on hotel accommodations and an itinerary is forwarded upon receipt of payment. Lunch is provided

Equipment Used: LMX200™ or Noggin® 250 SmartCart® (with DVL 500)

Cost: $795


October 2-3, 2018


Mississauga, Ontario (Sensors & Software head office)