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Webinar: SliceView software for depth slicing GPR grid data

Collecting GPR data in a grid and generating 2D depth slices is a powerful way to reveal targets and understand the spatial relationships between subsurface reflectors; applicable for many GPR applications including utility–locating, archaeology, forensics, and concrete scanning. The SliceView module in the EKKO_Project™ software is used to process GPR grid data and output depth slices.

In this webinar, learn how to use SliceView:
– Understand what depth slices are and the benefit of collecting GPR data in grids
– Learn how to generate depth slices in the SliceView module
– Modify gain and the processing parameters to enhance the GPR lines and depth slices and optimize the display of your targets
– Add depth slices to KMZ files for display in Google Earth
– See how to depth slice through multiple grids simultaneously
– Add depth images to your GPR project and output them in the PDF GPR Summary Report with your company logo
– Learn how to output depth slices to a 3D file format