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Webinar: EKKO_Project (V4) SliceView module for depth slicing GPR grid data

Collecting GPR data in a grid and generating 2D depth slices is a powerful way to reveal targets and understand the spatial relationships between subsurface reflectors; applicable for many GPR applications including utility–locating, archaeology, forensics, and concrete scanning. The SliceView module in the EKKO_Project™ software is used to process GPR grid data and output depth slices.

00:00 – Introduction to collecting data in grids and depth slices
03:30 – Opening a GPR Grid in EKKO_Project
05:00 – Selecting a GPR grid line in Project Explorer and viewing it in Line Preview
06:30 – Selecting a GPR grid line in Project Explorer and viewing it in MapView
07:25 – Flags/Fiducials in GPR grid data
08:40 – GPS position in MapView
09:16 – Processing Grid data in SliceView
15:08 – Gaining GPR lines
16:30 – How depth slices are indicated on the GPR line
17:20 – Depth slicing through the grid data
18:50 – Gaining the depth slices
20:08 – Calibrating for velocity
23:38 – Interpreting depth slices
25:25 – Relationship between depth slices and GPR grid lines
27:30 – Measuring the size of a target on a depth slice
28:02 – Background subtraction filter to improve depth slices
31:50 – Data processing parameters – slice thickness, overlap, slice resolution.
34:37 – Turn off grid lines on the depth slice
35:00 – Understanding and interpreting depth slices
36:56 – Grid collection advice for making the best depth slices – proper line spacing
39:15 – Saving and outputting images from SliceView – GPR Summary Report
40:46 – Showing depth slices on Google Earth
42:56 – Exporting depth slices to CSV, Surfer GRD and 3D files
44:31 – Depth slices in MapView
45:09 – Depth slicing multiple grids simultaneously in MapView
46:44 – Adding Global positioning to a grid collected without GPS
51:34 – End