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Ground Penetrating Radar for Professionals

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an important tool for research and teaching in many professional applications.
Sensors & Software GPR systems are wonderful teaching tools for university labs and field schools because they are simple to use and provides students with a full experience from survey design, data acquisition, data processing, data visualization, data analysis and final report.  Data can be analyzed qualitatively or, for more advanced quantitative research, students have full access to the digital data files and can develop new processing algorithms.

We offer special university packages that include:

  • Flexible GPR systems,
  • Multiple antenna frequencies
  • Multiple configurations for a variety of disciplines,
  • Free software licenses for lab computers
  • Teaching aids such as PowerPoint slides and animations

A range of GPR systems means that even schools with limited budgets for equipment purchases can provide their students with experience with a technology that employers value.

Sensors & Software has worked with universities for decades to increase research using GPR technology.  For advanced research where GPR is integrated into a larger system, we offer OEM GPR systems – we provide GPR hardware, commands for controlling the GPR system and software code to help speed development.