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Our Ground Penetrating Radar solutions empower informed decision-making. Understanding what lies beneath the surface in materials like soil, rock, rubble, pavement, concrete, water, ice and snow opens endless possibilities.

Concrete Assessment

Locate conduits, post-tension cables, and rebar/reinforcing

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Utility Locating

Locate and map metallic, plastic, and concrete utilities.

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Forensic & Law Enforcement

Find buried evidence: bodies, weapons, caches of drugs

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Roads and Bridges

Measure pavement layer thickness, road structure assessment

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GPR is now widely used for assessing the interior of concrete structures.

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Mining & Quarrying

GPR sees widespread use in mining, quarrying & tunneling. 

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Geotechnical & Environmental

Engineered development and assessment of groundwater conditions demand solid definition of subsurface conditions. 

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GPR for Archaeology

Its ability to detect ancient foundations and historic infrastructure has made GPR a non-intrusive investigation method of growing interest to archaeologists. 

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Military uses of GPR focus primarily on the location and detection of buried explosive devices. For area clearing, GPR is used on ranges and old sites to identify unexploded ordnance (UXO). 

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Agriculture & Forestry

GPR determines material alteration or degradation by mapping changes in soil and natural biological materials such as wood.

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Ice and Snow

Snow and ice covered areas were the birthplace environments for GPR use. 

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Custom Solutions

Some applications include systems for Geology/Geophysics/Civil Engineering

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