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Building on over 18 years of newsletter history, Subsurface Views is published quarterly and features articles on our pulseEKKO and Noggin products and their applications. Subsurface Views features “Ask-the-Expert”, which is an interactive feature of our website.

Subsurface View – July 2017

An Ancient Synagogue Lost and Found – Utility-Locating with GPR? Get the most out of your data! – TIPS: Using GPS elevation with GPR

Subsurface View – April 2017

The New pulseEKKO – GPR with No Limits – LMX & Subsurface Utility Engineering – CMP Survey using the DVL – 500P

Subsurface View – January 2017

Depth Slicing without a Grid – Measuring GPR Velocity for Water Content Estimation – The Advantage of Conquest Depth Slices

Subsurface View – October 2016

Detecting voids under concrete foundations – Cemetery Data “Grave” Interpretational Mistakes – TIPS Automatic Output Files

Subsurface Views July 2016

GPR Survey at a late 19th Century Brick Factory in Ohio – Announcing the new Noggin GPR system – Tips: Collecting grid data around obstacles