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Multiple frequency

SPIDAR’s unique capabilities enable users to concurrently collect both high frequency signals providing high resolution data for shallow depths and low frequency signals providing deep data at a lower resolution.


1000 / 500 MHz pulseEKKO PRO combination used for pavement forensics. The 1000 MHz provides detailed asphalt or concrete imaging and the 500 MHz is used for granular base and sub-base imaging.


100/ 500 MHz pulseEKKO PRO combination. The 100 MHz is used for water depth measurement and the 500 MHz for ice thickness determination.


Case Studies

Bathymetric survey | Sub Bottom Profiler GPR

Hydrologists and engineers often require accurate water depth and information about sub-bottom stratigraphy in shallow freshwater lakes and rivers. Uses can vary from estimating available water volumes to the engineering design of new structures.

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