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EKKO_Project™ GPR Software

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EKKO_Project is the all-inclusive software solution for managing, displaying, processing and interpreting GPR data.

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What's new with EKKO_Project version 5?

Stunning cross sections, easy depth slice mapping, intuitive processing, and interpretation.

SliceView Lines

Grids are no longer necessary to generate depth slices from GPR data. With accurate positioning from GPS or another method, collect grids in a pseudo-grid manner and use the new SliceView-Lines routine to generate depth slices.

SliceView Lines

Add a background image for reporting

Import any image to appear in the background behind your GPR survey in MapView—Google Earth™ images, as–built drawings, site sketches, photos, etc. Background images provide context to your survey, enhance your reports and provide better communication to your clients.

Add a background image for reporting

3D preview mode

One of the most powerful ways of displaying GPR grid data for accurate interpretations is 3D Preview mode that combines GPR lines and depth slices in an intuitive way. Previously only available to Conquest customers, it is now available for any grid collected with LMX200, Noggin and pulseEKKO systems.

3D preview mode

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EKKO_Project™ GPR Software


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