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EKKO_Project™ GPR Software

Upgrade to version 6

What's new with EKKO_Project version 6?

Upgrade to unlock powerful visualization tools for data analysis and reporting.


PhotoSlicer allows the user to easily overlay a depth slice image on a photo with the correct perspective to create stunning visualizations of GPR data.

PhotoSlicer images are powerful additions to the GPR Summary Report and presentations (Figure 1) to convey the position of objects found with GPR in the context of the survey site.

Figure 1
PhotoSlicer places depth slices on photographs of the survey site. With the depth slices positioned you can cycle through the depth slices to reveal features of interest such as a pipe (shown above).

Generate Animation Files

Easily create GIF animations to help spot features in your data as part of analysis (Figure 2), as a marketing tool on your website, or as a value-add deliverable to send to your clients along with the PDF Summary Report and Google Earth Files.

Add a background image for reporting

Figure 2
Animation generated from 3D preview GIF and animation showing utility data and MapView showing archeological data.

Multi-media Flags

EKKO_Project V6 adds a new feature to the Interpretation module: multi-media flags, which combine flags and multi-media file attachments. This provides an easy way to transfer field notes to a specific location in your data and provides a complete archive of your results to be used when analyzing your data.

Figure 3
Clicking on the corresponding multi-media flags shows the photo, audio or video file that is attached to a flag in EKKO_Project’s MapView/LineView window.

Automatic 3D display in Voxler

Voxler, a 3D visualization tool now launches and automatically generates 3D images with pre-set parameters to generate stunning images to add a professional flare to your results. This seamless new capability eliminates the need to generate 3D images in Voxler from scratch and gives users a head-start on making impressive 3D displays of their GPR grid data.

Figure 4
GPR grid data exported from EKKO_Project, is automatically displayed in 3D in Voxler as a volume render and a clip plane.

Grid Editing

Whether you want to merge multiple grids collected over a large area into one large grid for data processing or combine parallel Line Scans into a grid for SliceView-Grid processing, or perhaps you need to correct a mistake made during field collection. You can now do so quickly in EKKO_Project. By combining your data into grids, you can make use of SliceView data visualization tools.

Figure 5
Easily merge multiple grids collected over an area with the new grid editing feature.

Data Export to Point Cloud

GPR data collected with GPS can now be easily be imported into point cloud visualization software and be a useful tool for visualizing your GPR data. For example, Figure 6 shows a GPR line zigzagging over two utilities (indicated by hyperbolas) plotted in CloudCompare, a free to use 3D point cloud processing software.

Figure 6
GPR line data plotted in third-party point cloud software called CloudCompare.

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