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Conquest® 100


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Select from two Conquest® GPR configurations: Conquest® Enhanced and Conquest® 100.

The large screen, full-featured Conquest Enhanced system provides a wide range of control options. Conquest® 100 is a smaller and lighter concrete imaging solution optimized for portability while retaining all the key Conquest Enhanced features.

Conquest® 100

Conquest® 100 saves time and money by communicating results wirelessly from the field to your office or directly to the client. The high-performance ground penetrating radar (GPR) sensor provides accurate results and is compact and lightweight to allow easy scanning of walls, ceilings, and hard-to-access areas. The system has a high-resolution touchscreen offering an intuitive on-screen operation. Conquest® 100 is lighter and more compact than Conquest Enhanced.

Conquest 100 GPR

Conquest® 100 GPR features

  • High Resolution Touchscreen: See targets clearly and intuitive on-screen operation
  • Easy Advanced Reporting: Transfer information wirelessly to your smart phone
  • Optional Conquest ImageView: PC imaging software for advanced reporting
  • Swappable Li-Ion Battery: Never lose time with long lasting swappable batteries.
  • All-in-one transportation case
  • Collect data in a comfortable standing position using the optional resizeable handle for the Sensor Head and carry harness for the Display Unit

Conquest® Enhanced

Conquest Enhanced is an easy-to-use concrete imaging solution with a 15" LCD screen and wireless remote control.

Conquest Enhanced provides access to digital data for advanced processing, analysis and reporting.

Conquest Enhanced GPR

Conquest® Enhanced features:

  • 15" color LCD screen
  • 2 control keypads for direct and remote operation
  • Wireless remote control
  • ConquestView™ PC imaging software
  • Rugged carry case functions as a display stand
  • Built-in training and self-help
  • Collect data in a comfortable standing position using the handle

Conquest® Enhanced option includes:

  • Display Unit upgrade package
  • EKKO_Project software