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Conquest® 100


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Conquest® 100

Conquest® 100 saves time and money by communicating results wirelessly from the field to your office or directly to the client. The high-performance ground penetrating radar (GPR) sensor provides accurate results and is compact and lightweight to allow easy scanning of walls, ceilings, and hard-to-access areas. The system has a high-resolution touchscreen offering an intuitive on-screen operation. Conquest® 100 is lighter and more compact than Conquest Enhanced.

Conquest 100 GPR

Conquest® 100 GPR features

  • High Resolution Touchscreen: See targets clearly and intuitive on-screen operation
  • Easy Advanced Reporting: Transfer information wirelessly to your smart phone
  • Optional Conquest ImageView: PC imaging software for advanced reporting
  • Swappable Li-Ion Battery: Never lose time with long lasting swappable batteries.
  • All-in-one transportation case
  • Collect data in a comfortable standing position using the optional resizeable handle for the Sensor Head and carry harness for the Display Unit


Case Studies

Conquest gpr concrete scan

Embedded Features

Conquest is an integrated ground penetrating radar (GPR)  system used for the non-destructiveinspection of concrete. Conquest’s depth slice views help locate features embedded in concrete (such as rebar, conduit, post-tension cables) before drilling or cutting.

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