Sensors & Software announces the latest evolution of pulseEKKO GPR
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Sensors & Software announces the latest evolution of pulseEKKO GPR

Sensors & Software announces the latest evolution of pulseEKKO GPR


oronto—Sensors & Software announces the immediate availability of the new pulseEKKO ground penetrating radar (GPR) system. After more than 30 years of innovation, pulseEKKO systems continue to improve. The latest evolution of pulseEKKO – the addition of the digital video logger (DVL) 500P—makes GPR surveys easier and time in the field more efficient.Plan, execute and document GPR investigations more effectively with the new, high–resolution DVL with a color touchscreen and intuitive interface. The DVL supports GPS, Wi–Fi, Bluetooth triggering, USB data transfer, streamlined survey setup, enhanced data collection options, and advanced in–field analysis.

The DVL is compatible with pulseEKKO PRO components and pulseEKKO 100 transmitters, making it easy to upgrade existing systems to unlock additional functionality.

Discerning professionals around the world know of the superior performance and signal quality of pulseEKKO.

With its wide range of antenna frequencies from 12.5 to 1000 MHz, the pulseEKKO covers every conceivable application for GPR: Antarctic ice sheets, glaciers, deep geology/tratigraphy, mining, geotechnical investigations, archaeology, forensics, utility detection, roads, bridges, and concrete.

pulseEKKO GPR offers several deployment configurations — Full Bistatic, One–Man, SmartCart, SmartTow, and SmartChariot to provide efficient data collection in any terrain, temperature, and environment.

pulseEKKO GPR allows you to change any data collection parameter or deployment configuration to try something new – including time window length, temporal sampling interval, step size, stacking and triggering. It's full bistatic antennas enable users to go beyond simple common–offset reflection data collection and change the antenna geometry for the collection of Common–Mid–point, Wide Angle Reflection and Refraction, cross polarization, borehole, transillumination and multi–channel surveys. The flexibility of the pulseEKKO sets it apart from any other GPR system in the world and makes it the system of choice for GPR professionals. Founded in 1989, Sensors & Software is the worldwide leader of GPR innovations. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to understand what lies beneath the surface and empower informed decision–making.

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