October, 2015 – Sensors & Software announces the LMX200 – the Premier GPR utility locating tool in the market today
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LMX200 – the Premier GPR utility locating equipment

Sensors & Software Inc. announces the launch of the LMX200, the Premier Ground Penetrating Radar utility locating tool in the market today.

The LMX200 is designed specifically to make marking utilities with GPR simple and easy, offering the perfect balance of depth penetration and resolution for accurate locating. Unlike conventional cable locating devices, the LMX200 can detect non-metallic utilities, including plastic and concrete pipes and structures, as well as metallic targets.

Data collected provides a real-time subsurface image to detect utilities and pinpoint and mark their locations. Surveys are processed quickly on-site to produce plan maps with geo-tagged field interpretations and the ability to wirelessly e-mail basic reports, right from the field.

The revolutionary Dynamic target enhancement, DynaT, acts like 3 GPRs in one by easily allowing users to toggle between display views enhancing small, medium and large targets. Along with the ability to acquire data, the LMX200 allows the user to assign colour classifications directly on the touchscreen in real time as utilities are located.

Additional features include:

  • High resolution cross-sectional views.
  • Wi-Fi transfer of images in real time.
  • Instant reports of screen captures and line/grid/cross view information.
  • High resolution touchscreen.
  • Data download to a PC for processing, image generation and advanced reporting capabilities.

The LMX200 provides simple real-time locating capability in a compact and easy to use system, and provides enormous enhanced capabilities in a system designed specifically with professional utility locators, engineers and surveyors in mind. Contact Sensors & Software by phone at 1-800-267-6013 or visit gprlocates.com for more information.

About Sensors & Software Inc.

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