September 17, 2007 – GPR Mapping and 3D Visualization
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September 17, 2007 – GPR Mapping and 3D Visualization

Rapid GPR Mapping and 3D Visualization

Sensors & Software is pleased to introduce GFP mapping files in all of its GPR systems. These XML-formatted GFP (GPR Files and Parameters) files make grid map creation quick and easy.

Creating GPR maps and volume views previously required specialized skills and software tools. Overcoming these issues has been a major focus for the Sensors & Software family of products.

The EKKO_Mapper and ConquestView software packages now exploit the power of GFP files. Grid survey data are seamlessly converted into maps and volume views in minutes.

Developments on simplifying and speeding map generation continue. New releases of the latest GFP file management software GFP_View and GFP_Edit are scheduled to begin shipping on September 30th along with new releases of EKKO_Mapper and ConquestView. Contact our Applications Specialists for further ideas and suggestions if this is an area where you want to expand your use of GPR.