October 31, 2011 – Next Generation of IceMap
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October 31, 2011 – Next Generation of IceMap

Sensors & Software announces the next generation of IceMap GPR for ice road mapping. IceMap delivers winter-road managers the ability to define safe load conditions for hauling freight over ice roads.

Building on previous IceMap systems, the new IceMap comes in two configurations. The base IceMap solution consists of the minimal components needed to deploy with any vehicle including trucks, snowmobiles and ATV’s. The IceMap SmartTow configuration provides a complete turn-key solution for professional ice road management.

Both new systems provide advanced software with real-time graphic display of ice thickness, complete with the ability to set a minimum ice thickness warning indicator. In addition, ice core data is easily integrated to ensure the most accurate ice-thickness estimates.

Key IceMap features include:

  • Simple user interface for easy field operation
  • Display of current, maximum and minimum ice thickness for the survey line
  • A minimum thickness threshold monitor
  • User-selectable data collection speed, depth and interval
  • In-field core integration for ice thickness calibration
  • GPS for accurate positioning and pinpointing problem ice areas
  • Real-time overlay of path on satellite photography or Google Earth images

The IceMap SmartTow configuration  houses the critical components in an IP67 case mounted to the tow sled:

  • Noggin sensor
  • GPS
  • Wireless communications unit
  • Long-life battery power supply

In addition, the SmartTow configuration features:

  • Toughbook computer with in-cab mounting
  • IcePicker Release 6 PC software
  • Export of tabulated ice thickness report
  • Export of .KMZ position files for Google Earth presentation

Talk to our Applications Specialists about how IceMap can be used in your operation to improve and standardize ice-road safety.