January 4, 2010 – Release of EKKO_Interp Software
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January 4, 2010 – Release of EKKO_Interp Software

Sensors & Software is pleased to introduce EKKO_Interp as the newest member of their software product family.  EKKO_Interp is a project-oriented data analysis program that enables users to selectively pick, label and export feature attributes for a wide range of reporting requirements.

The first phase of use is organizing data into a project file. The project file contains GPR data files along with all ancillary records and related information (GPS, elevation etc.). Users interactively create interpretations such as points, lines, boxes and annotations. Each interpretation type has its own unique symbolic representation and is stored in an integrated database.

GPR data with interpretations can be exported in image format for insertion into reports.  Alternatively, the interpretation attributes (position, type, signal amplitude, etc) can be exported as CSV files for creating additional reports such as the average depth of rebar, depth to bedrock, location of utilities… the possibilities are endless.

EKKO_Interp provides another dimension in exploiting GPR data.  The user-interface is simple and intuitive with the same standard format as EKKO_View.

For more information or to receive a demo, contact one of our application specialists.