January 3, 2011 – Next Generation of Rescue Radar
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January 3, 2011 – Next Generation of Rescue Radar

Sensors & Software Inc. introduces the next generation of Rescue Radar for buried victim location.
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) senses changes in the subsurface and can augment existing search and rescue techniques.  User experiences have been greatly enhanced in this latest evolution of Rescue Radar.

Rescue Radar works by sending low power radio wave pulses into the ground.  Reflected signals are analyzed to detect victim motions like waving arms or leg kicks.  Regular movement such as breathing can be further classified to give an “indication of life”.

Rescue Radar features

  • Self-contained package for quick deployment
  • Battery powered operation
  • Wireless communication to a remote monitor
  • Real-time display of victim burial depth and life indicator
  • Ability to record data for future reference and training
  • Basic and advanced user controls with variable sensitivity to minimize false alarms

If you are in need of search and rescue support for victims trapped in collapsed building, landslides or avalanches, check out the latest Rescue Radar with one of our Application Specialists