February 14, 2005 – Introducing pulseEKKO PRO
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February 14, 2005 – Introducing pulseEKKO PRO

Sensors & Software Inc. announces the next generation of the pulseEKKO ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems. The pulseEKKO PRO succeeds the popular pulseEKKO 100 and the earlier pulseEKKO IV and III.

GPR is a non-destructive technology based on radio frequency. It is used to image the subsurface and can locate material changes and objects embedded in any non-metallic material like soil, rock, concrete, wood and water. The pulseEKKO PRO operates at centre frequencies of 12.5, 25, 50, 100 and 200 MHz. Low frequency GPR is used in many application areas including geological and hydrogeological studies for imaging stratigraphic sequences; quarrying and mining exploration including lateritic nickel site evaluation, kimberlite structure determination and mapping fluvial environments for gold and diamond placer deposits. It is also used in glaciology, archaeological investigations, geotechnical and environmental studies.

The pulseEKKO PRO features:

  • improved data acquisition speed
  • much lower power requirements; allowing smaller, lighter batteries to be utilized
  • more rugged, wide-temperature range electronics
  • intelligent transmitters and receivers with temperature compensated timing and communication of device status to the operator
  • time windows up to 200,000 ns and trace lengths to 31,000 points
  • a variety of transmitters, including an FCC-approved device for the United States
  • flash memory data recording to the integrated, weather-proof data logger
  • bi-static antennas support the collection of variable-offset reflection data as well as CMP, WARR, borehole and transillumination data
  • integrated GPS capability
  • a simple user interface for the collection of line and grid data

The system can be deployed in several configurations including one or two-person operation for rugged terrain and the easy-to-use SmartCart for surveying in open areas where 4-wheeled cart operation is possible.

The pulseEKKO PRO is backwards compatible with many earlier pulseEKKO components including pulseEKKO 100 and IV antennas, pulseEKKO 100 transmitters and handles. Upgrading to a pulseEKKO PRO is therefore more cost-effective.

Data files can transferred to a PC to be displayed, edited and processed using various software packages available from Sensors & Software including 2D time and depth slice maps and 3D visualizations.