August 31, 2009 – Along comes SPIDAR
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August 31, 2009 – Along comes SPIDAR

SPIDAR – the next generation of GPR has arrived!!

Sensors & Software proudly introduces SPIDAR, a complete family of products that enables networking of any number of Noggin or pulseEKKO PRO systems. The flexible SPIDAR architecture provides the capacity to address any application requiring simultaneous data acquisition such as:

  • Spatially distributed arrays at the same frequency for continuous mapping in real time
  • Multiple frequency arrays for concurrent mapping to varying depths
  • Multiple polarization arrays for extracting complex target geometry
  • Remote controlled, OEM and robotic applications

Using a Panasonic Toughbook PC and ethernet links, GPR units can be configured and triggered to deliver data concurrently at high rates. Data flow and storage along with positioning are all integrated using the SpiView for SPIDAR control software. Data storage in traditional dt1, accompanied by GFP files, provides powerful real time data analysis. Simply touch the screen and EKKO_View enables section review while EKKO_Mapper will create depth slice images. the range of SPIDAR applications is unlimited.

Learn about the power of SPIDAR; discuss the possibilities with our Applications Specialists. Build on your existing Sensors & Software GPR systems for enhanced capability or create your own new advanced system to address your application requirements using standard Noggin and pulseEKKO PRO GPR systems as building blocks.