August 26, 2005 – Enhanced pulseEKKO PRO Family
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August 26, 2005 – Enhanced pulseEKKO PRO Family

The latest advancement in the pulseEKKO PRO family of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems has just arrived. The operating frequency range now spans centre frequencies from 12.5 to 1000 MHz.

The pulseEKKO PRO family provides unparalleled performance combined with the flexibility and versatility of deployment needed by the GPR professional. From freezing arctic areas to hot dessert environments, the rugged compact low power consumption hardware is designed to operate in all climates.

Integrated GPR positioning capability plus systematic data management in the pulseEKKO PRO enable truly cost effective advanced GPR imaging. With a wide range of operating frequencies, GPR applications from deep geological investigations to high resolution infrastructure imaging can be addressed with a pulseEKKO PRO system.