April 12, 2006 – Introducing pulseEKKO PRO Multi-Channel Adapter
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April 12, 2006 – Introducing pulseEKKO PRO Multi-Channel Adapter

The Multi-Channel Adapter allow users to combine up to eight transmitters and receivers to a standard pulseEKKO PRO control module.

The Multi-Channel Adapter enables continuous CMP (common mid point) profiling, multiple parallel line profiling at the same frequency or multi frequency profiling using a number of different frequency units simultaneously.

Data are stored in digital form in the standard Sensors & Software DT1 file format. EKKO_Demux software included with the unit allows the de-multiplexing of the multiple recorded channels into separate data files. data can be then analyzed by any of the standard Sensors & Software’ software family such as EKKO_View, EKKO_Mapper and EKKO-3D.

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