April 1, 2007 – EKKO_Mapper Version 3
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April 1, 2007 – EKKO_Mapper Version 3

Sensors & Software Inc. will introduce EKKO_Mapper version 3 at the upcoming SAGEEP meeting in Denver, Colorado.

EKKO_Mapper is the engine for creating  depth slice maps for Sensors & Software’s family of GPR systems.
Totally redesigned from the ground up, Version 3 brings a whole new dimension to GPR map generation providing powerful imaging tools fro the advanced user and a fun and easy experience for beginners.

Key features of the new EKKO_Mapper include:

  • Streamlined graphical user interface
  • Integrated program environment to display multiple cross-sections and depth slices
  • Optimized processing streams for depth slicing
  • Hyperbola fitting tool for velocity estimates
  • On-screen tape measure
  • User-defined depth slice thickness
  • Automatic grid creation based on GFP files created during acquisition
  • Legends for depth slice and cross-section information
  • Easy to use sensitivity and contrast controls
  • Multiple grid dataset display
  • Simple switching between metrics and imperial units
  • Adjustable resolution to optimize processing
  • Image export to external applications
  • Support for large grids
  • Merging of bi-directional and cross-polarization data

The new EKKO_Mapper truly makes GPR mapping easy and cost effective. Go from survey to final image sin minutes. EKKO_Mapper supports the latest grid survey enhancements now embedded in the pulseEKKO PRO, Noggin and Conquest GPR systems.

Check our website or call our sales and applications professionals for more details.