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9th International Workshop on Advanced GPR



9th International Workshop on Advanced GPR – IWAGPR, 28-30 June 2017


The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland


June 28-30, 2017

The three-day workshop is aimed at exploring advancements in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques and applications.

Sensors & Software is a proud sponsor at the 9th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar – IWAGPR2017 which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 28-30 June 2017, and is organized by the School of Engineering at The University of Edinburgh.

We will have 3 presentations over the course of the event.


  • “The WARR Machine”, by A. Peter Annan and Steven R. Jackson
  • “A Variable Reflector for Measurement of Bulk Electrical Properties of Materials Using GPR”, by J. David Redman, A. Peter Annan, Nectaria Diamanti
  • “Spatially-Filtered FDTD Subgridding for Ground Penetrating Radar Numerical Modeling”, by Nectaria Diamanti, and A. Peter Annan. *In cooperation with Xiao-Kun Wei, Costas D. Sarris, and Xingqi Zhang from the University of Toronto.

For more information on the event go to IWAGPR 2017