Senior Mixed Signal & RF Engineer
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Senior Mixed Signal & RF Engineer

Job Summary

Participate in projects to design, build, test, and deliver Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) hardware products or modules. As a Senior Engineer, you will lead the architecture and system design of our HW products, guiding and collaborating with Engineering teams both local and from the global Engineering department of Radiodetection, including third parties.
This is a role that is expected to grow into a HW Team Lead in the medium to long-term.


Project Execution

  1. Prepare Mini Project Authorization forms, PEP, PII, and Charter documents. Communicate project plans at product vision meetings;
  2. Establish Work-Breakdowns (WBS), and task estimates for project plans;
  3. Track own, and team’s time and expenses spent on projects and monitor project alignment with budget;
  4. Lead projects and provide regular progress updates to the area leads and other stakeholders;
  5. Initiate regular reviews of project schedules;
  6. Establish area, and departmental review meetings. Lead discussions and presentations.

Technical Knowledge

  1. Leads the design, build, test and delivery of hardware products or modules;
  2. Oversee the creation of schematics, PCB layouts and lead the management of project outcomes that need to be added as DIPs in SSIP documentation system;
  3. Lead system designs of RF and high-speed circuits and devices including prototyping, testing and debugging, and review of designs;
  4. Lead, and oversee system development that require high-speed data acquisition designs;
  5. Lead the design, prototyping and testing of antennas and other EM devices that are the sensors used in all Sensor & Software products and provide critical guidance in system design;
  6. Lead and oversee the design and development of micro-processor systems, programmable logic, and high-level I/O sub-systems and integration with all system elements of data acquisition platforms;
  7. Oversee the design and implementation of communication with intra-, and inter-system I/O interfaces, and protocols and be the architect of systems operation and control;
  8. Lead the team in hardware and software debugging, and design and fully document procedures for debugging and testing;
  9. Be the lead resource with knowledge of the current electronics-industry design and production methods and direct use in in all device development;
  10. Lead the team in understanding of current mechanical-industry production methods, CAD software design tools and capabilities, and apply it to product development;
  11. Able to engage with vendors to resolve issues and advise management on best manufacturing methods, and supplier selection;
  12. Direct all device testing and compliance with ITE and GPR regulatory standards, and be resource person on the appropriate testing methods;
  13. Perform root-failure analysis on electronic systems, and Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA);
  14. Wholly develops full hardware specifications for next generation or new products; leads product specification documentation as needed by product management;
  15. Oversees the design, building, and testing of prototypes and documents implementation and principles of operation;
  16. Document and describe principles of operation of designs and devices; this includes crafting drawing and signal charts and related materials and getting them into the SSIP system;
  17. Lead the introduction and develop the information needed to enable production to manufacture and the service team to repair and maintain products developed;
  18. Oversees the design and documentation of assembly and test jigs;
  19. Own and manage all aspects of all product life-cycle support activities;
  20. Be the go-to knowledge person who understands the issues and can advise both team members and other stakeholders on product design with testing, manufacturability and service in mind (DFx);
  21. Leads in the implementation of new practices, techniques, devices, and methods to apply to device design and development;
  22. Mentor, and train new or junior staff on all aspects of products and procedures.

Product Application Knowledge:

  1. Understand the major areas of product use which we commonly refer to as the Big 8 and have practical field experience with most company products and understand common pitfalls;
  2. Have used equipment in real-field conditions and understand the environmental conditions and operational extremes and hazards.


  1. Maintain regular communication with team and department members;
  2. Design and implement on-boarding plan for new hires;
  3. Support the development of job roles and responsibilities in support of team lead and HR.


  1. Adherence to team processes and practices in regard to document revision control, issue tracking and technical documentation;
  2. Timely completion of tasks, based on agreed upon schedule;
  3. Provide regular and accurate status updates;
  4. Quality and ingenuity of design and implementation to meet purpose;
  5. Quality and timeliness of all project reporting, design documentation and related deliverables;
  6. Adherence to product components already being used;
  7. Development of new / junior staff performance.


  1. Adept at schematic, and PCB layout CAD software, and concepts;
  2. Adept at RF and high-speed design techniques;
  3. Proficient at circuit simulation;
  4. Adept at Digital, and analog circuit design;
  5. Adept at RF circuit simulation;
  6. Adept at high-speed data acquisition design;
  7. Solid understanding of electro-magnetic radiation, antennas;
  8. Adept with microprocessor systems, programmable logic, and high-level I/O sub-systems, data acquisition elements;
  9. Adept with intra-, and inter-system I/O interfaces, and protocols;
  10. Firmware development, low-level hardware programming;
  11. Able to debug hardware, and software;
  12. Solid understanding of current electronics-industry production methods, and capabilities;
  13. Solid understanding of ITE, and GPR regulatory standards, and testing methods;
  14. Manage product approvals;
  15. 10+ years of experience required;
  16. Bachelors (4 yr) degree in EE or CE.

To apply for the role, please send your resume and cover letter to All shortlisted applicants will be required to go through the recruitment process.
Sensors & Software Inc. is committed to diversity in the workplace and welcomes applications from people with disabilities. If you have a disability and require accommodation during any stage of the recruitment process, please contact