Announcing the new Noggin® GPR system
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Announcing the new Noggin® GPR system


The new Noggin® is an adaptable high-performance GPR system. It provides professional users with the highest quality GPR data, flexible data collection and powerful in-field analysis with reporting.

Adapt to any application

Noggins are available in 4 different center frequencies, ranging from 100 MHz for deep penetration to 1000 MHz for high-resolution surveys. These systems can be deployed in 4 standard configurations (SmartCart®, SmartTow, SmartChariot, SmartHandle™) as well as a custom user configuration to perform in any terrain. From efficient surveys of highways to detailed archaeological exploration or extreme geotechnical investigations; the Noggin® can do it all.

Noggin® Ground Penetrating Radar
Figure 1:
Noggin® Ground Penetrating Radar in 4 standard configurations

Flexible data acquisition

Easily adjust collection parameters, efficiently collect data and add field interpretations. Instantly view results in the field with the new high resolution, touchscreen digital video logger (DVL). Process grids directly on the DVL for immediate depth slice maps and prompt analysis. Mini-reports can be sent through a Wi-Fi link to share results instantly while on-site so projects can progress at maximum speed.

Noggin® Ground Penetrating Radar
Figure 2:
Noggin® Ground Penetrating Radar

Easy Data Processing

Noggin® data integrates seamlessly into EKKO_Project where survey results can be analyzed in seconds. Complete technical reports can be generated in the software while keeping data and site images organized. GPS is fully integrated with the GPR data allowing for export to all major GIS formats with the click of a button.

Expert Support

Our GPR specialists will be there to support and help you grow your business every step of the way. Whether assessing application feasibility or providing support for field collection and data reporting; you can count on us to help you take on new projects with confidence. Rental options are even available to support your Noggin® efforts.

The Noggin® is a complete GPR solution that provides maximum flexibility and expandability, enabling you to successfully take on new GPR projects and grow your business.