Concrete Scanning Course on SensoftU – Coming in August!
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Concrete Scanning Course on SensoftU – Coming in August!


ensoftU, launched one year ago, is an innovative, online learning platform for advancing GPR education. We are proud to add another course to SensoftU: Concrete Scanning with GPR.

This course focuses on the use of GPR for scanning concrete. Like the other courses on SensoftU, it features user interactions to improve learning and retention of key concepts (Figure 1). While still providing the necessary theory and operational information, this course emphasizes data examples to illustrate the various situations that concrete scanners can encounter in the field (post-tension cables, pan decking, beams etc.). Upon completing the course and obtaining a passing grade, the user can print a certificate of completion.


SensoftU was created to augment our existing training offerings, giving our customers additional options for learning. Hundreds of people have logged into to further their GPR knowledge in a convenient and cost-effective way. The feedback has been very positive: “Videos and animations clearly show the concepts being taught”, as one user described what they liked about SensoftU. Another user commented that “in a very short time, a full learning package was provided”. As to why they took courses on SensoftU, “not having to travel” and “progress at my own pace”, topped the list of reasons.

There are 3 other structured courses on SensoftU: Utility Locating with GPR, IceMap™ and Rescue Radar™. These courses were developed following years of experience teaching people about the use of GPR for a variety of applications. All these courses aim to recreate the experience of live, in-person courses, using videos and interactions. It has the added advantage of allowing users to progress at their own pace, and at their schedule.

There is high demand for training on concrete scanning, and this new Concrete Scanning with GPR course will provide a convenient, on-demand training option for the industry. This new course will be launched in August and is available for purchase on SensoftU.

Whether you are training new employees, providing a refresher course for existing employees or taking a course to meet continuing education requirements, SensoftU is ready and waiting. To register for a course, visit For group rates and academic discounts, please contact Sensors & Software.

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