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View upcoming industry events and recent Sensors & Software and industry news below.

FINDAR® – Enhanced Features for Forensic Investigations

Learn about the new, powerful features we’ve added to the FINDAR® system designed for forensic investigations.

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“Bodies” located with Noggin® GPR

The Portuguese Criminal Police hosted a CSI field school where plastic bodies were buried to simulate a crime scene. See how the Noggin® SmartCart® was used in difficult conditions to locate the graves and report on the results.

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The Power of Average Trace Amplitude (ATA) Plots | GPR

Average Trace-Amplitude (ATA) Plots are a quick way to gain significant insights into GPR cross-sectional data including noise, attenuation and the depth of penetration.

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The New pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver | Sensors & Software Inc.

The latest evolution of pulseEKKO® – the Ultra Receiver – uses the latest in GPR technology to allow GPR professionals to see up to twice as deep. Taking advantage of the pulseEKKO’s data quality, this receiver lets users see GPR signals 100 times smaller than before. The Ultra Receiver is compatible with most pulseEKKO® systems and upgrade packages are available.

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