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Using GPS elevation with GPR

TIPS: Using GPS elevation with GPR

When we think about GPS, we usually only think about our lateral position on the Earth, or, in other words, our XY position. But GPS also provides Z, your elevation. If you are collecting GPR data with GPS, the elevation is pretty much free information. When GPR data with GPS files are opened in the EKKO_Project software, the software automatically adds GPS position values for every GPR trace collected, including the elevation

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Utility Locating with GPR? – Get the most out of your data!

GPR is now a complementary tool to EM when locating buried utilities. Unlike active EM methods where an individual utility is excited, GPR sees any buried feature that differs from its surroundings which can result in many targets being observed. This article focuses on getting the most out of your utility data in two common but challenging situations.

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An Ancient Synagogue Lost and Found

Sixty Years after the Great Synagogue and Shulhoyf of Vilna (Vilnius) was razed, a team of international scientists is uncovering precious history with the assistance of pulseEKKO Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

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LMX200 and Subsurface Utility Engineering

LMX200 and Subsurface Utility Engineering

From more than 25 years of delivering GPR for concrete imaging, we strongly recommend taking the time to do grid scanning and to use line scanning as a quick reconnaissance approach to establish optimal grid orientation.

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Common Mid-Point survey using the DVL-500P

One of the advanced surveys that can be conducted with a bi-static GPR system like the pulseEKKO (see accompanying story), is a Common Mid-Point survey. A CMP survey provides a simple way of measuring GPR velocity in the ground or other material; critical information for determining the depth of a target.

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