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Conquest®100 - Going Beyond Rebar Locating

Conquest® 100 – Going Beyond Rebar Locating

Discover how Conquest was used to locate voids and deteriorated concrete in three different case studies.

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When utilities cannot be located through traditional means, locating professionals bring in the LMX200TM to get the job done.

Mystery Solved – The “Non-Locatable” Pipe Located

GPR can locate and map buried utilities however that is just the beginning. Discover how GPR effective technology located a valve, underground storage tanks, and a troublesome water line.

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Automating Borehole GPR Surveys

A motorized winch with automatic triggering dramatically increases borehole GPR data acquisition speed, opening new applications.

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NEW! Concurrent Receiver Operation with SPIDAR®

Next generation SPIDAR enables pulseEKKO and Noggin sensors to be integrated into a distributed multi-frequency, multi-orientation and multi-field component network. Learn how SPIDAR  employs three Network Interface Controller (NIC) options for flexible connectivity.

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Evaluating Ice Road Quality with IceMap™

Winter roads connect travelers to shorter and direct routes within communities that require considerable safety precautions prior to use. Manitoba Infrastructure required ice thickness data to verify and safety open the winter roads with the assistance of IceMap GPR.

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