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The New pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver

The latest evolution of pulseEKKO® – the Ultra Receiver – uses the latest in GPR technology to allow GPR professionals to see up to twice as deep. Taking advantage of the pulseEKKO’s data quality, this receiver lets users see GPR signals 100 times smaller than before. The Ultra Receiver is compatible with most pulseEKKO® systems and upgrade packages are available.

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Detecting and Identifying Water Fraud

Detecting and Identifying Water Fraud

Every year millions of dollars in water disappears from taxpayer-funded and private water distribution systems around the world. Learn how GPR located a clandestine pipe that helped stop water fraud.

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Noggin GPR helps find and remove bombs from German Airfield

Noggin GPR helps find and remove bombs from German Airfield

GPR is a natural complement to EM methods for the detection of UXO. Find out how #GPR line data was able to help detect buried bombs in an old German airfield.

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Notes from the Classroom: Student-Led Science using GPR

Learn how students at North Carolina State University use GPR to tackle real-world problems and connect the university to local community groups. Discover our extensive academic support.

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Conquest®100 - Going Beyond Rebar Locating

Conquest® 100 – Going Beyond Rebar Locating

Discover how Conquest was used to locate voids and deteriorated concrete in three different case studies.

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