September 1, 2008 - Conquest - System Enhancement

The next generation of Conquest concrete imaging system

Sensors & Software Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the next generation of Conquest concrete imaging system. The major changes are in the embedded system software.

Benefits to users include:

  • Image Enhanced Processing (IEP) providing clearer crisper subsurface images
  • Enhanced cross-section filtering including DynaQ display
  • More advanced self-test and automated calibration
  • Selectable depth slice sensitivity to enhance weak targets
  • Extended PCD imaging selection

These enhancements are now shipping in all Conquest systems. Existing users can select to upgrade their systems. In addition, ConquestView, the PC based software providing extended 3D imaging enhancements for Conquest has been upgraded to take advantage of these latest Conquest features.

For more information, contact one of our Conquest team technical specialists.

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